Starbase Round Two!

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Starbase Round Two!

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Good day fellow spacefarers, it’s Gabby Newsome with the News You Can Use!

There are now a total of five starbases deployed with Torc still locked in fierce bidding!

Five more systems have been approved for licensing and Canby still remains open with no bids yet!

The first bid is for Taithinarl in Sphere by Squirt on behalf of their guild.
Yarlista in Sphere is available as well as Python, Prime and Salvem in the Furnace system.

We have Kell Expanse in the Sphere owned by Captain Yogan on behalf of their guild.
Talsamar owned by Captain Lutes as a private starbase.
Cole in Furnace by Captain The Wolf on behalf of their guild.
Krull in Furnace by Captain Elkhorn as a private starbase.
And Kinbal in Verec-Per by Captain MadMaxxx on behalf of their guild.

While these starbases sport a commercial store and commercial store transport they are still essentially under construction and services are limited.

This is Gabby Newsome signing off!
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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