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Starbase Ahoy!

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Hello fellow space travelers! It’s Gabby Newsome here with the News You Can Use.

The Starbase licensing offices are open, the initial release of systems has been announced, and the bidding wars have begun!

A little over a week in and there are bids from both guilds and some apparently deep-pocketed Captains.

The most contested system by far is Kell Expanse in the Sphere. This system doesn’t appear to have much to offer, no planetary bodies, but it does have a nebula. So far the bid stands at 20,025,000,000 and it took 762 bids to get there. The last bid was placed by Yogan on behalf of his guild. This bid is due to expire on June 1st at 16:40 game time.

The next up is Kibnal in the Verec-Per galaxy. This system is a little more exciting with three planetary bodies. It also has a nebula, so that may be the reason for the interest. So far the bid stands at 7,100,000,000 with 245 bids. The last bid was placed by MadMaxxx on behalf of his guild. This bid is due to expire on June 7th at 08:07 game time.

Cole in Furnace is another system with no planetary bodies, but does post a nebula and has received 73 bids, bringing the price up to 2,800,000,000. The last bid was placed by TheWolf on behalf of his guild. This bid is due to expire on June 1st at 22:05 game time.

Talsamar in the Sphere is next up. It boasts a nebula as well. There was a small bid war on this one bringing the total up to 1,125,000,000 with Lutes winding up ahead after 6 bids. This is a personal bid by Lutes and is due to expire on June 3rd at 14:54 game time.

Torc in The Forge has several planetary bodies, an asteroid field and a refinery. This system received 5 bids bringing the price up to 1,100,000,00 and was place by Sukayo on behalf of his guild and is due to expire on June 5th at 11:36 game time.

Krull in Furnas has one bid. This unexciting system has an orbiting Ark and one planet that hasn’t been completely explored. This baseline bid of 1,000,000,000 is due to expire at 17:30 on June 3rd and was placed by Elkhorn on behalf of himself.

Finally there is Canby in Anvil, about as far out of the mainstream as you can get. It does however sport a nebula so may be worth taking a look at. So far there have been no bids on it.

So that’s the rundown folks! It looks like there will be some Starbases deploying in June.

This is Gabby Newsome, signing off.
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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