Ship building to ship scrapping?

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Ship building to ship scrapping?

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Gabby Newsome here with the News You Can Use.
Good morning spacefarers!

An anonymous source requested an investigation into shipbuilding subsidies and a potential scam. So I dug in and did a little sleuthing.

So, for you, my anonymous captain, and the rest of you out there here is the whole story.

There are a handful of ship builders creating a wide variety of vessels. While some have a particular line of specialization, they all build vessels from entry level to heavily armed super fighters or behemoth cargo haulers. Kharm-Kai offers vessels with neural interfaces that offer skill boosts. All of them receive some form of subsidy from their respective governments.

Player made vessels allow a captain to “mix and match” features to create a vessel that is tailored to their needs.

The rumor is that these vessels are so good that regular ship builders are building, then immediately scrapping their vessels for the salvage..

The rumor that these subsidies are large enough to allow them to make, then immediately scrap a vessel for a profit is patently false. While the subsidies are generous they are not generous enough to allow a ship builder to build then scrap a vessel for profit.

Merriott Ship Sales receives the largest subsidy, but that is due to their contract to supply a Maurader to all captains arriving from the Core.

The cost of a vessel is based on many factors; raw materials, labor, licensing fees, taxes, etc. These costs far outweigh the recycle value even with subsidies. This was a rumor started by the anti-shipping lobby who is rumored to be backed by an environmentalist group seeking to halt wide-spread shipping.

A recent audit of government funded sales figures show that the main three ship-builders are doing very well. Sales are bolstered by Captains purchasing main line ships for their corporations. As corporations grow these figures will begin to affect high end ships sales.

Thanks for writing in Captain!

This is Gabby Newsome signing off.
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