Do you trust your implant?

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Do you trust your implant?

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Gabby Newsome here with the News You Can Use.
Good morning spacefarers!

How is your head? Any headaches, strange thoughts of suicide, occasional urges to blast another Captains ship? Any “lost time” episodes? Have you had any recurring dreams?

It all began with the “deadly virus” that killed “thousands” of Captains. Any of you Captains have a fever, headache, anything?

Here we are plugged into the “new and improved” implant system, including 15 varieties of head implants. These have to be purchased from the authorities.

So, we have this nifty head implant, available only from the authorities, who have demonstrated they don’t always have a Captains best interest in mind. We know it allows us the ability to learn skills, and gives a boost to others, but what do we truly know about the inner workings? An underground group attempted to reverse engineer one and it exploded! Pretty drastic don’t you think?

How about those nifty Alien Certificates? It’s all software. How do you know what else might be programmed into them?

How long before gal-fed and con-fed stop throwing our Genesis drones at the A.I. and go directly to the captains? Jack your head implant into the ship and send you off to battle. Imagine watching yourself from inside yourself flying into battle, but not in control of your own body, your own ship.

Just a little something to think about to brighten your day.

So, Do you trust your implants?

This is Gabby Newsome signing off.
Back to you Gus.
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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