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Hemmed In?

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:11 pm
by Gabby Newsome
Gabby Newsome here with the News you can use.

Good morning spacefarers!

Is the Sphere between a Hammer and an Anvil? No, I don’t mean an impending military attack, I mean in the metamorphic sense.
Con Fed and Gal Fed rule the space lanes. Captains can hardly make a move without encountering overbearing rules and regulations, licensing fees, fines and all manner of other controls. Have we reached the breaking point? We discovered Verec-per and imagined it would be an escape, but the hard heavy hand of the government followed Captains there. The Expanse looked like an escape for Captains from the crushing oppression of government control, but even here, due to the treaties and the restrictions on interaction little relief was found.

Ostensibly Confed and Galfed provide “safety and security” but is that true? How many Captains have contributed their wealth, their resources and yes, even their lives to defeat threats to the sphere? Private Captains launch attacks against pirate RAIDS. Private Captains go deep into the Expanse and fight for the interests of the Sphere. Private Captains confront the A.I. in systems throughout known space.

We stand and fight valiantly against the A.I. threat, but one has to wonder how much of a threat they really are? After rolling over the mighty defences of the core, why did they stop short after establishing beachheads at each nebula? Is it possible that one of the secret projects being worked on in highly classified research stations did something to trigger the A.I. attack? Are we being attacked, or contained?

Once the A.I. are defeated, or retreat, will the Core offer Captains a new frontier? From the intercepted reports we can be assured that little remains of the iron fist of control that created the friction that caused the exile of Captains to the Sphere. See the report OVER HERE

Will the Core be the final frontier? Will the nebula wormhole travel open up new vistas? Will Captains, seeking to be free of the stifling regulations imposed by Con Fed and Gal Fed finally find the freedom they so desperately seek? Only time will tell.

This is Gabby Newsome...Back to you Gus.