Deadly Virus Claims more live & Gains a Name

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Deadly Virus Claims more live & Gains a Name

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G-CDC have named the Virus 'Jarrat C variant' virus, after the Doctor who first detected it, meanwhile the death toll as of today has now risen to over 1000 captains and the G-CDC are having trouble keeping abreast of the infection reports that are flooding in.

The Virus was thought to have been confined to the Derren system but cases have been reported in over a dozen systems in Furnace in the last few hours.

Fears grow that this will spread to other Galaxies and already the Verician's are talking about closing their Super gates to human traffic. It has now been confirmed that the link between all the captains is that they have the Exile style implant system. These are fitted to all captains arriving on the daily 404 Outbound Exile Deliveries from the Core.

The G-CDC is working feverishly on a cure but at this time they are struggling to cope with the volume of new cases as they seem to be growing exponentially. The method of transmission is still unknown at this time.

More on this as it breaks.

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