Companies Embrace Proposed Haulage Changes

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Companies Embrace Proposed Haulage Changes

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Hello fellow spacefarers! It’s Gabby Newsome with the News You Can Use.

If you remember the previous article, Hauling Hijinks you will recall there were allegations of bribery and corruption. Well now I have some inside news on exactly what was taking place.

Up front the Haulers Union would charge a company a “standard” fee to set up delivery of the shipment. The company would pay the fee and out of that would come the Captains fee for delivery. Pretty straight forward so far, right?

Well for an additional “service charge” the IGHU would elevate the shipment to the top of the list to ensure they were seen first. Captains were charged 400 credits each time they refreshed the page and a portion of this, anywhere from 10-25% would be kicked back to the companies as a consolation for their cargo not selling on the first pass, the IGHU would pocket the rest.

On top of that, the IGHU offered a “premium service charge” that would allow their listing to appear randomly throughout the page refreshes.

Let’s give you some math so you fully understand the credits involved here.

Company A has 150 units of cargo to move from point A to point B. They pay the standard 1500 credits, plus a 500 credit service charge to have their shipment listed first.

Captain Jack isn’t interested in the cargo and presses refresh, paying the 400 credit fee. The IGHU pockets the 900 credits, pays the company the consolation fee of 10% or 40 credits earning a profit of 1260 credits! If Captains continued to refresh the IGHU continued to rake in the credits because the consolation fee was only for the first refresh.

In the case of “premium service charge” the company only received the consolation payment on pages where that particular shipment was listed.

Now, on to the good news. Companies are willing to put their money directly into the captains hands! Under the new haulage system Companies will slowly increase their payments directly to captains who regularly haul for them.

So, let’s say Captain Jack begins hauling for Deep Core Mining. As he continues to haul cargo for Deep Core Mining they will slowly increase the payment he receives for the cargo he delivers for them. That doesn’t mean you have to haul for Deep Core Mining exclusively, but the more you spread out the companies you haul for, the slower the bonuses will come. They are also in negotiation to allow for larger haulage contracts. The IGHU held the maximum cargo size at 205 units in spite of the increase in cargo containers over the years, after all more shipments meant more money for them.

There is still no word on exactly when the new system will take effect but authorities say they are getting very close.

This is Gabby Newsome, signing off.
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