Starbase Update 1

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Starbase Update 1

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Hello fellow spacefarers, Gabby Newsome here with The News You Can Use.

It appears the rush to starbase ownership has settled out a little bit. We currently have bids on four starbases.

Torc in the Forge has received 30 bids and the deployment cost now stands at 10,025,000,000 and is due to be awarded in four days. The highest bid is by Hand Solo on behalf of their guild.

Tarthinarl in the Sphere is the next with a single bid by Squirt on behalf of their guild. Tarthinarl is located on the Southwest loop of the sphere and sports a nebula. This bid is due to be awarded in four days as well.

Next is Yarlista in the Sphere with a single bid by Sukayo on behalf of their guild. Yarlista is located on the Northwest loop of the sphere on the path to The Forge. It sports a nebula as well. This bid is due to be awarded in five days.

Salvem, located in Furnace, is just off the Southwest loop and doesn’t have a nebula. The leading bid was placed by siddharth on behalf of their guild and is due to be awarded in nine days.

Python in Furnace, located on the Northeast loop is open for bidding.

Prime, also in Furnace, is located on the Southeast loop and hasn’t received any bids yet. Neither of these systems sport a nebula.

Canby, located in Anvil, and a little off the beaten path, does sport a nebula. If you have been following these reports you may recognize Canby as a holdover from the first round of bidding.

So there you have it folks, plenty of starbase locations open for bidding.

This is Gabby Newsome, signing off.
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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