Happy Halloween - Did You Win?

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Happy Halloween - Did You Win?

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First off Happy Halloween!

To kick start off the day / evening I've just added a 2,500 Unit Fuel Ticket to EVERYONE. It's sat in your Fuel Depot waiting for you to go and collect when needed. I hope it helps.

Festive Hand-in Centres -Stage 1 Complete
Secondly the 1st wave of Hand-in Centres have had their initial collection set's completed. As promised this means I have a Random Prize draw this morning. For those wondering what I'm talking about read this post : viewtopic.php?f=32&t=900

There were 214 players that took part and dropped off Pumpkins for the collection for the Children. I choose Five random name using the randomiser at http://www.random.org.

The Five winners drawn were :

Dylan Hunt
Stanton Fisk

Each of you can claim your £20 Gift certificate. Simply send a PM to Me Coops in game along with your working valid email address. I will in turn send you a gift certificate to spend or hold on to or pass on to a friend.

The Hand-in Centres have Reset and are now looking for Guy Fawkes and Movember Tokens! Same rules apply. Drop them off and when the collection is complete we will hold another Draw!

Festive Hand-in Centre Locations

Haven - Feris
Messor - Descarte
Darius - Ethan
Pyragles Base - Gainsboro
Yeltsim - Franklyn
Zwanziq Station - Sunrise


Sabian - Yam
Yonartthakr - Tantas

The Forge
Berolina - Zarante

Fujimori - Trantor

Edana - Mostony
Otaio - Oengo
Habitat-87 - Elmquae

ARK-09 - Aurelia
Starbase-140 - Kirzhach
Janus Station - Metri
Trade Hub 59 - Pevek
Lucious Port - Blake

FREE Emporium Advertising!
From today (a few minutes ago) and for the next two weeks I have activated FREE advertising on the Galactic Emporium View. This means I have flicked the big red switch and for the next 2 weeks all the stores will show their wares on the G.E.V (Top left Game Tab).

Once the two weeks are over it will revert back to the stores that have purchased (thank you for your support) a G.E.V Advertising License. There are 151 Emporium Stores that have so far turned over 17,055,748,433 credits. Yes that 17+ Billion!

Postovia Orbital - Jaster
The Serials Submission Centre has so far handed out 2,015,000 in XP - This is for the submission of the Serials attached to the Pumpkins being given away EVERY Five minutes in game to those playing in the last 24 Hours.

You have till Midnight on the 5th of November (GT) to submit any serials you may have. After that time they will automatically expire.

Remaining Pumpkins
A reminder that this year all the Pumpkins will Expire and disappear from your ships holds at midnight on the 15th of November. This is in an effort to remove all Festive loot as we move through each event this year making next years more fun for all.

You can still hand in the Pumpkins to the Festive Centre or trade them into the Festive NPC's right up till that date. For a list of the current Pumpkin NPC's look here : viewtopic.php?f=32&t=901

OK that's enough from me in one post - Have a great Halloween where ever you are!

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