Shared IP / Premium Accounts

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Shared IP / Premium Accounts

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CE like most things is a growing entity, not like some static games that never update or change. During the life of CE we have been careful to curb the use of 'alt accounts' for the express purpose of 'cash cowing' or 'credit/resource' collecting for use on a second account.

This was all done using the IP protection system. This system up till now has blocked the creation and use of accounts on the same IP address. We have carefully looked at this and after much discussion have decided to 'alter' our rules.

From now on players may only create ONE FREE account per person.

You may play this FREE account as usual and there will be no IP checking for 'Play' on your account.

However, normal IP trade blocks and checks are in place. In the old system the IP check software would email you telling you that an IP to same IP trade had been detected and a warning placed on your account. The new system will BLOCK any transfer of credits or items from one game account to another on the same IP address at the point of sending. (so no more email warnings).

Only PA to PA accounts can trade on the same IP. (This is not a change and is still the same method employed the only difference is the block is made at the point of trade and not allowed).

So in essence, you may now PLAY on the same IP as other players without a PA but trading is on the same IP is still a PA (Premium Account feature only).

This opens the game up to a much larger audience, allowing brothers, sisters, Universities friends to all play on the same IP.

Change to PA Accounts
Upgrading to a Premium (PA) account has other bonus's attached such as IP trades, more GBM posts, reduced negative events and access to Engineering. Along with exemption to the 365 day prunes we have now ADDED an extra 2 Fuel per tick (15 mins). This equates to an extra 192 fuel per day / 1344 a week.

Third Party Trades
We have modified the tracking system to look for third party transfers. We will monitor this and those we detect are trying to circumvent the rules in place will simply have their accounts banned. We will take an extremely dim view of players attempting to circumvent this.

The change to Core-Exiles is there to expand its player base not for the exploiters to get rich quick. We WILL ban without hesitation those we find doing so.

On a lighter note : As the login portal says, you may create one FREE account per person. But this new change now means your brother, sister or uni / work friends can now player from the same place.

Coops, Aug 15, 2011
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