CE Needs Your Support

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CE Needs Your Support

Post by Coops » Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:57 pm

Hi Folks,

It's getting late in the month and late in the day here over at CE HQ, so I won't beat around the bush. I wanted to say that we could REALLY do with your support at the moment. Sales / support has dropped off this last three months leading to myself having to consider looking for alternative part time work.

I often take a contract 'here or there' during the year to consolidate and boost our spending on Core-Exiles but this last few months have dried our coffers. I wouldn't normally be so blunt, but we need your support. I spend nearly seven days a week working on Core-Exiles, its my primary employment taking some 10+ hours a day to keep in full development.

I work on all aspects of the game from bug tracking, competitions, handouts, give-aways and of course the daily coding that keeps CE in development. The last item is what will suffer without your support. CE cans still pay its server bills etc but without support we can't advertise properly or pay for more art or keep me at the code mill each day.

Please don't take this as anything other than a face value - 'we need your help'. We will survive without it, but things may slow down a little on the development side.

For those with a little cash to spare there is the CE Store
For those with no excess funds (I'm aware not every one can support) spread the word, bring new players to the fray.

Have fun playing, but give a thought to your favourite Sci-Fi browser game.


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