Factory Fitz ADV - (Refined Ore)

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Factory Fitz ADV - (Refined Ore)

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This bad boy is every one's dream solution to Refined ore when you need a constant supply to keep all the those Factories and other refined ore heavy operations going. This ADV Factory fits on a standard Gleso Factory slot and whilst its main draw back is it requires 5 Structurer points, it is a killer way to make refined ore.

This bad boy creates 50 units of Refined Ore per hour, those of you with the Gleso Productivity Systems can really over power this unit. You may fit as many as you like based on your Structure Points.

It uses Ore, Alucite Ore and Inert Gas to clean the base ore and give you that highly sort after refined ore.

Find them OVER HERE


P.S this was added some time ago but I totally missed posting about it, so reminding folk it was added.
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