K.I.C.K.A.S.S - 16 Years!

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K.I.C.K.A.S.S - 16 Years!

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Someone call an Ambulance, I think I've lost it :) This month Marks the 16th year of Core Exiles on the Web. We did run CE as Shields up for around 18 months in total as a Desktop App, but that was back in the dark ages :)

Sixteen years is a LONG time for a game to be on the web and still be going strong, so I thought let's celebrate!

I have created a new Device that when activated will upgrade and place some important tags on your account. There are many rewards this upgrade will offer, but most are related around 'Time Played'. There will be a flat bonus for 0-1 year, then deeper bonuses for the more years your account the older it is.

The Device is an UPGRADE item called the 'Kyber Interstellar Catalyst for Kinetic Acceleration and Spatial Synthesis' Device. Let's just call it the KICKASS Device, shall we :)

How do I get such a dubious device Coops and is it safe to activate ?

Glad you asked, first off its totally safe, you might feel a bit of a stabbing pain in the neck but that's just the tag to ensure it's only activated ONCE per account. As to how do you get one...

The Play to Win Festive hand out ticker will be going live in a few moments. It will be handing out two sets of items.

Core-Exiles Celebration Token 1-16
K.I.C.K.A.S.S Component 1-20

The first item is a simple festive item, though I will be running a Coops Collection for them near the end of the month, so KEEP a FULL set!
The second one, the K.I.C.K.A.S.S Component 1-20 are what you're looking for. Collect a Full set and go to your mailbox (PM) section of the game and follow the Red Bar at the top.

This time, and pretty much the only time this is going to happen... You MAY collect as many full 20 sets of the K.I.C.K.A.S.S Component 1-20 as you want and hand them in for the KICKASS Device. In other words, if you want to collect one for friends, relatives, Guild folk etc you CAN!

The Device will be tradeable, and you can collect as many as you can collect full sets of K.I.C.K.A.S.S Component 1-20!

OK Coops, that's all and good, but what does the KICKASS Device actually do...

Well, that would be for YOU to find out! I have not even told the staff. There was a conversation about what they would like to see in the Device, and the idea of making it 'Account Age related in the way it gives bonuses was a staff idea. But they don't know what it does either!

So there you have it, a mystery KICKASS device to collect as many times as you have the components!

Lets see who gets one first....

Before anyone starts to question their sanity, I have made some elements of this collection rarer than others so you may need to trade to complete multiple sets..

Hand Out End : I will run the handout Festive Ticker through till 6:30 AM on the 1st of March - I will LEAVE the hand in open till the 15th of March!

For those there from Day one - Get one you will love it :)

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