CE Official Sales - September

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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CE Official Sales - September

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September the first, I'm agahst at how fast this year is zipping me by, I guess the busier you are the less time you have to stand and watch the flower grow. Anyway looking back in to August we had 12 support sales in the CE Store, thank you to Kermit De Frog, Elveron, Dragon, Fliver, Porrima, Korthen, Marhsan, Lutes, Posie, Ladygwen, Fitzbacon and Arnika.

Remember, we have a Patreon VIP system running here as well. Check out the VIP store in game for more details. (Left-hand CE guides Tab).

Don't forget if you can't afford to support financially you can ALWAYS support by pulling your friends, colleges and even neighbours and strangers on the street, into the black hole that is Core-Exiles.

August was of course Challenge Month with the challenge running for the last weeks of the month. But I also had time to add a new batch of AMR Refineries to the mix and even an account upgrade to allow you to globally deploy more AMR's.

Lets not also forget the addition of another account upgrade, this upgrade is account bound, so affects any SMR Advanced Construction Suites you may have deployed on that Captain. Once active, it reduces all schematics build time by 35%. Note, it will not affect currently active builds.

Typically mid way through the Challenge I was sadly floored by a bout (our first) of COVID, myself, Sarah and little Harper all got it. Been a doozy but I'm trying to climb out the other side atm.


Discount of 10% 'CESEPTEMBER'

For those new to the idea of a CE Store discount code. You can type in the code when looking at your basket. Or if you want to have the code automatically applied, simply visit the store using this link : https://shop.core-exiles.com/?ApplyPromo=ceseptember That will automatically apply the code to your basket.

Once added, it will add a 10% discount to your basket's content. You may use the code as many times as you like within the Month.

For those who have Everything :) Don't forget we have the CE Supporter Items. Why not grab a few of these stash them away for a rainy day and gain a 25% bonus when you use them! EXILE SUPPORT ITEMS

Special Offers...

For the singluar month of September I'm offering you the oppertunity wild though it is, to grab a startbase building and claim another up to same value for FREE! Check out the Starbase section OVER HERE Once September melts away so does this offer!

Remote Contract Access
If you missed the addition of the Remote Contract Access specials you can read about it OVER HERE These are real time saver devices and make a big difference when trying to decide how best to fill your hold or your passenger cabins. They have their own discounts this month and can be found Over Here

Zero Structure Points
Everything in the Zero Structure Points category is on sale. These items generally are useful resource gathering devices that don't use structure points, making your life that much easier. Refineries, Nebula Harvesters, Bertha Extractor, Malls and all the types of Extractor. Find Them Here

Ship Specials - ON SALE
The entire Ships Specials Section of the Store is on sale this month. Pleanty of specials choose from covering a wide range of professions and specialities. With this months Buy Once Claim one free offer that makes them a STEAL this month!!!

Buy Engine - Free Fuel Tank - ON SALE
I'm keeping in the Buy an Engine and get a Free Fuel Tank of the same level for free. The Level Five and Kraken Engines remain on Special discounted offer and tied in with this offer that's a Major saving if you're looking to upgrade to the next or largest ship engine.

Special Fuel Ticket Offer:
I'm continuing the SPECIAL discount on the 10K, 20K and 40K Fuel Tickets. If you're looking to top up your fuel depot, then now is the time to do it! With Crew Missions and Barges also taking fuel as you get further into CE, the more fuel you will need.

ALL N.E.I. Devices ON SALE
I have added the ENTIRE N.E.I Devices on sale this month. Grab one whilst you can. A great addition to a Captain's tool box whilst playing CE. These devices are probably one of the games best additions and a great example of what a player suggestions can turn in to.

Paragon RAID N.E.I Upgrade - ON SALE
The Paragon RAID N.E.I is a great tool to be packing when it comes time to think about helping out with RAIDS. No more where the hell is it, or how do I get there. This bad boy cuts out all the maths and routing and gets you there in time for the fight, hell you can even make a coffee whilst you wait for every one else to turn up :) Please READ the info before purchasing.

Battleship Rename Token
Once these are gone they are gone, claim yourself a token that will enable you to reset the name of your Battleship when the time comes. There were only Fifty issued when they were created, and they have been quietly leaving the shelf, so if you want one I suggest you bag one this month. Please READ the info before purchasing.

Guild G.B.M Licences
These allow a Guild to place G.B.M Contracts. Resources are dropped directly into the Guild Store, taking a lot of work out of the Guild crafting / resource projects. We are offering these in Packs of Ten again this month, I'm continuing a 50% discount!!! Find the new Licences sold in packs of 10 OVER HERE

Ship Upgrades [Pimps]
Planning for a Player made ship or have one you're already flying around in but want to pimp it just a little (or a lot lol), No problem we have you covered with the Ship Upgrades. (Player Made Ships ONLY). For this month when you Buy ONE I will give you Another for free.!

And yes for another month....

Buy one, claim one free is on for this month. Get it whilst it's there on offer!

Please Note: BOCOF is only valid where the initial item in question is paid for in Real Funds. Using Gift Certificates to solely pay for a BOCOF item is no longer a valid action.

This is Simple to follow - Buy an item in the store covered by the BOCOF (listed below) offer and choose ANOTHER item from ANYWHERE in the sections covered by the BOCOF. You cannot choose anything higher in value, and you cannot willy-nilly choose items NOT in the BOCOF offer, lol.

Payments made purely using Gift Certificates will not be deamed valid for the BOCOF

Advanced Mining & Refineries
All Specials
All Genesis Facilities
Mega Malls
Mining Barge Upgrades
The Entire Settlement Section
Zero Structure Points
Expanse Extractors
Corporation Facilities
Skill Packs
N.E.I Devices


When deciding your B.O.C.O.F item, simply add the item's name in the same box that you add the Captain's name. This makes it much easier for processing without having to contact you. IF you miss this, simply send me a PM or discord shout with the details.


As always, I'm offering REWARDS for purchases over certain values.

Please NOTE: For Buy One, Claim One Free, you will need to LET ME KNOW what you want. I will not choose for you. Either add the captain in the captains' box provided when checking out, or drop me a line with the order Number and what you want after.

I have simplified the reward system, so PLEASE read.

Spend £10 or More & Get the following:
2,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack (incl 24 Mech Parts+furry friend)
50 X Festive Points
10 X Festive Tokens (To spend with Sally)
6 Hour Fuel Regen Bonus
10 X 30% XP Booster Packs
1 X Random BOB Artefact Schematic!

Spend £20 or More & Get the following:
5,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
1 X Exiles Resource Token + 15 Coops Upgrade Tokens
500 X Festive Points
10 X Festive Tokens (To spend with Sally)
6 Hour Fuel Regen Bonus
10 X 30% XP Booster Packs
2 X Random BOB Artefact Schematic!

Spend £30 or More & Get the following:
10,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
2 X Exiles Resource Token + 15 Coops Upgrade Tokens
1 X Starbase Maintenance Token

2000 X Festive Points
10 X Festive Tokens (To spend with Sally)
6 Hour Fuel Regen Bonus
10 X 30% XP Booster Packs
3 X Random BOB Artefact Schematic!

Spend £40 or More & Get the following:
20,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
1 X Big Bertha ( ORSA Extractor)
3 X Exiles Resource Token + 30 Coops Upgrade Tokens
2 X Starbase Maintenance Token

5,000 X Festive Points
10 X Festive Tokens (To spend with Sally)
6 Hour Fuel Regen Bonus
10 X 30% XP Booster Packs
4 X Random BOB Artefact Schematic!

Play Project Terran as Well as Core-Exiles?
If you play both games or were thinking about starting up a PT account, well I'm continuing the bonus TSC program. Read the following post for a VERY special offer! Support Core Exiles and claim Project Terran TSC! Check if out Over Here

Those intending to Purchase, PLEASE READ:

Please note: ALL Bonuses above unless otherwise stated must be for the payable balance after discounts & gift certificate payments. Also note that payments made in gift certificates are not valid for bonuses, as these were / are applied when the Certificates are purchased.

Payments made solely using Gift Certificates will no longer be deamed valid for the BOCOF

This is important as some players can still be confused and claim rewards after discounting their purchases, which brings them below the claim they are making. Your FINAL payment (in $ £ etc) is the actual part that counts as your 'Spend' from the words 'SPEND X£' above.

For information on the Starbase Maintenance Tokens read Over Here

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