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Hauling Change UPDATE

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:05 am
by Coops
I will be taking the CE server Offline tomorrow for approx 30 minutes in the morning @10:00 AM. This is to facilitate a large update to the server. This is first to allow for the release of the Changes to Hauling, and secondly to make changes to the DB, so I can start working on releasing the new Buildings for the upcoming Battleships.

If you have not yet Read the Changes to Hauling I suggest you do so beforehand, though there are links within the sections that point back to a Primer post that will be released tomorrow in case you missed it or don't have time to read the upcoming change news :)

So that's approx 30 mins downtime (Game Server Only) @ 10:00 AM Game Time Tomorrow (Sat 6th)


Re: Hauling Change UPDATE

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:33 pm
by Coops
The server was down for a smidge over 30 minutes this morning. Had to update lots of tables and import a bunch of new ones, then run some quick tests on live. This was all completed without any major issues.

I made a Primer post which is an edited version of the opening post where we posted on the changes. Still work a READ OVER HERE as most of the answers to the first questions we got asked so far are in those posts.

I have also posted Blackbeard's short guide for the VI / Blind players on using the new view for haulage and union offices. You can read that OVER HERE.

We have also created a new Discord Channel #game-changes to discuss changes (not only this one) in the attempt to catch all the comments and not have them lost in main discord chat.