Move Complete...

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Move Complete...

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For those who didn't know I have been in the process of moving this last few weeks. We did the final Furniture move (two large trucks) yesterday. It's amazing to see how much you can acquire in a life time. I even filled an 8 yard skip to the brim before leaving lol.

There is going to be a small 'hiccup' to my plan to set up the new office as the roof that was to be redone last week had to be postponed due to inclement weather. But the suns back out so work starts tomorrow. It's a simple roof conversion so looking at a few days plus a few more for snagging etc.

My task / plan is to move enough mountains of cardboard boxes around to make a small office corner so I can actually begin to process the mounting CE Emails, PM's and competition rewards. Please bare with me whilst I work my way through this. My inbox currently stands at 182 unread lol.

A Big thank you to the Staff for keeping an eye on things whilst I was AFK. Cheers Guys...

Lastly, I will be posting a QUICK monthly sales and Discount code today so that those who I know are 'Waiting' to see what I do can help support CE. We have had Zero purchases so far this month so I'm guessing the early adopters are as I say waiting :) Though I DO appreciate that the cost of living fro every one is rising these days so your financial support is not taken lightly - Thank you!

The festive ticker was sadly allowed to run for a few days past its end date but the hand ins WERE ended on time. This means some of you will have received an overflow of Festive items.These you can safely 'Festive Trade' they will expire but a little later than anticipated this year. (due to the aforementioned lack of an office).

This move is my FINAL life time move next one as they say is feet first out the door. I'm looking forward to getting straight creating anew working environment and REALLY getting to grips with CE in a way that Ive been unable to do so before.

Have fun guys (and ladies) hang in there and I'll be back at the tiller shortly.


P.S apologies for my awful spelling and typing, hands feel like they have been mangled with all the lifting and, well my spelling was never great to start with :)
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