Planetary Exploration - Update

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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Planetary Exploration - Update

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Planetary Exploration has today been given an overhaul. No I wasn't sat here on my fat ass for the last month eating cookies and drinking Tea. Errr ok I was, but I was also working on this update to exploration.

In a nut shell this change brings Planetary Exploration inline with Derelict Exploration. Of course nothing is ever 'that simple' in Core-Exiles.

First off let me say that we have tried our best to maintain the system in pretty much the same way that exploration used to work for those that are used to the system. but we also wrapped it into the newer Derelict system adding more diversity and we think over all fun.

Planetary Exploration Requirements
As always you will still require Exploration Deployment Kits but you will now also require an ECO-UPV. Its an ATV for want of a better description. You will also require a space suit, plus of course the obligatory landing gear.

ECO-UPV's Awarded
Those amongst you (approx 70) that have been the chief explorer on a planet when it has been completed will find that the Explorers League has awarded you an ECO-UPV for free. It will be in your Specials Store on your ship waiting for you.

The rest of you like me will need to go Buy the schems and craft one. the same ECO can be used in and out of the expanse. this is one TOUGH ATV. A quick word of warning : the ECO is not indestructible, events and actions whilst exploring will see it deteriorate over time. So start looking into some Repair kits for it as well.

New Store
For the new Schematics we have a New Store. Wal's ATV Designs. the store is dedicated after our own resident Walhabie who has worked extra hard this time round with the schematics (Yes you can blame him) :)

This new store can be opened on any Level 2 or above settlement. There are currently NO official non settlement Offices open. So speak to your local Settlement owners.

The Nitty Gritty
So whats new? Well for one, when you land on a planet you will now be able to explore it zone by zone, a bit like you do Derelicts. Of course planets are a lot larger. We have though implemented a 'Wrap around' so if you drive far enough in one direction (any direction) you will come back on yourself.

Stamina / O2 - Don't Panic
As i said back near the top (you were reading weren't you) we have kept the basics of exploration intact for those that JUST want to do their 50 explores a day and move on. So Exploring in your ECO-UPV (shall we call it buggy for now) uses the standard EDK kits you would normally have used.

Positive events will work the same way and add to the planets exploration count and completing a planet is done in exactly the same way.

But... if you want to do more you can.

You can Search each Zone, use the buggy's own inbuilt Geo survey system, use Archeology Tools, heal yourself and fix up your Buggy.

Now these options are extra's to exploring and each has its own rewards and methods. You will need to work out what those are and how they work but I will state clearly that some use Stamina and O2 and of course we will be asking your AI to keep an eye on your health!

So for those of you just wanting your five mins a day explore fine go ahead although you will need to keep an eye on your health and also your Buggys HP.

For those of you wanting more explore the new options and have some fun. Same as the Derelict system you cant do each action more that once in any one Zone, but you can take off and re-land to reset the zones if you desire.

Nice Changes
I'm not all nasty and for once whilst doing this change I spent a lot of time removing annoying and unneeded systems. For instance....

No more 'You've been kicked off the Planet' Events.
No More 'Sorry captains you lost all that loot' Events.

Things like that, that we believe make it more fun and less 'Grrrrrrr' :)

Also one big chance that you may like, the system (the AI) will Automatically look at what EDK's you have and select the correct lowest one and use that. So no more having to constantly return to a selection and choosing which one to use.

EDK Stat Changes
No more skill or level requirements on these, yup you read that correctly. You just have to HAVE them in your engineering bay and the AI will choose for you. Of course it will display on the screen the actual EDK being selected and how many you have. If you run out of that type it will run onto the next type automatically.

Expanse Exploration Changes
We spent time considering the old method which was to only use Mechs to explore the Javoran planets. Whilst this worked it's a slow process and very costly. So...

Keeping the 'liberals' and 'Alien Lovers' in mind you can now explore alien planets using EDK's! But you also will note that there is a Mech icon :) this means that if you want to ALSO further your exploration you can also use the mechs. both methods count towards the planets total explores but to be ultra nice to those who make the trek all the way to the expanse using mechs does NOT count towards your daily explores! Don't believe me go try it...

Changes and Issues
This was a large scale scalpel and bolt cutter month. A lot of old code was revisited and replaced, a lot of new code was added. We (the staff) have tested it as much as we could, but as with all changes we may have missed something. So if you find an 'Error' or bug please feel free to report it. Please note we will require as much detailed information as possible. One liner bug reports are about as much good as a chocolate T-bag so please consider US when logging a bug. :)

I will be posting some new FAQ's for Planetary Exploration in the Official FAQ system and will post a link here once I've done so.

This change wont please everyone, but it does add more scope to exploring which was pretty much a dead end task. We also have plans to enable 'more explorable planets' over time which you will see appear in due course.

Have fun folks and please note this is a short guide to the changes and by no means extensive or all encompassing, some of CE you just have to work out for yourself!


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