1st July Special Offer

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1st July Special Offer

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As many of you are aware I'm currently working again (as in RL Work)...

This is to not only keep a roof over my head but also to ensure I can top off the coffers on the CE Server expenditure each month. I'm not in a position this morning to post the 'Monthly Rewards and Discounts' but I'm making an offer to anyone who makes a purchase today....

I will retro actively add any rewards (based on a post I will make when I return to the Office after work)


Spend £10+ a 5K Fuel Ticket + 1 Month PA
Spend £25+ a 10K Fuel Ticket + 2 Month PA + Exiles Resource Token
Spend £40+ a 20K Fuel Ticket + 3 Month PA + Exiles Resource Token

Those are ON TOP of the rewards I will post when i get a chance this evening for July. This offer is for the early birds that might hold off on support without a 1st of the month CE sales post. I / we very much appreciate early support and helps me cover the early monthly costs / support invoices that come out in the 1st week of the month.

Best Wishes

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