Staff Christmas - Stomp The Staff

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Staff Christmas - Stomp The Staff

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Staff Christmas - Stomp The Staff

We will be running a Christmas 'Mech Week' for the chance of players to Stomp on Staff Mechs (including mine) Handcrafted little mechs of supreme killing will be matched against your best for a week-long slug fest.

This will run from the 23rd @14:00 and run through till 14:00 on New Year's Day. There will be prizes galore for killing, and level goal rewards server wide as well. Again as we get closer to the start date I will release more info. We will also be 're-instigating' the Top 20 Mech kill list rewards. (Times are based on Game Time)

That means we will be tracking the kills, and you will be able to review and keep track also of the top 20 Kill mechs (with the highest points).

Now, due to this ALL mechs that want to be counted will need to have a 'PL' prefix that mean names like 'Plunder Mech' Or 'PL-Mech1' etc. Mechs without that PL prefix won’t be counted in the top 20 kill charts.

Alongside this Top 20 we will also be running a Top Reward prize for the Player with the MOST kills. Of course, we will also be dropping Names mechs for you to kill and claim rewards on.

Don't forget over that week to come by into chat and say hi! I'm Cooking Christmas Dinner on the 25th, but I'll have my iPad in the Kitchen and will be responding and handing out prizes for the entire week in chat!

If you can make it - Come on by drop some mechs and wish those taking part a Merry Christmas!

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