New Patreon Perk

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New Patreon Perk

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I have decided to add an additional Patreon Perk to the current $5 and $10 support levels. From the 1st of July Patreons will get Bob Schematics awarded to them (directly into their schematics list). You will receive an in game PM listing any you received.

What makes these more interesting is that they will be AT or +1 Your Captains level.

Current BOB Schematics when handed out by Bob are set much wider. Thus making these Schematics far more likely to fall into the 'ooooooohhhhh' category :) With Bob Schematics from level 3 up to 205 your bound to get something interesting in your mail box each month.

$5.00 support level will get 1 X Bob Schematic
$10.00 support level will get 2 X Bob Schematics
$20.00 support level will get 4 X Bob Schematics

You can access the in game VIP Store to spend your monthly gained VIP points for being a Patreon supporter in game via the CE Guides Tab. Each 1st of the month supporters get A bag of goodies based on their support Level. See the Patroen Page for MORE DETAILS

If you wish to increase your support, or simply want more VIP points per month simply increase your support level. For every $ supported you get 1 VIP point. This is a simply and sometimes far easier way for players to support Core-Exiles and the development process.

To those already supporting - THANK YOU - to those not doing so yet, give it a looksie :)

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