Schematic Tool Bar Addidition

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Schematic Tool Bar Addidition

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I have today added a new Tool bar to the Schematic 'View' Pages. So location in game where you normally review an item you are looking to build or just about to build. This has been added as we have now added another 9,000+ Schematics to the game. These you will be getting from Bob and unless you're psychic you won't know what stats the end item carries :)

The bar differs slightly from item type to item type but this is a fair example of a Weapon:

Capture.PNG (28.64 KiB) Viewed 564 times
There are hovers over the icons for both Blind / Vi and sighted to figuer out what they stand for. But this gives you pretty much all you need to knnow about the end item BEFORE you craft it.

The bar only works for Weapons, Shields, Expanders (both types) and Reactors. (All ship based).

The info will also highlight if the Schematic your building has a limit on its build cycle, if it requires an Alien Build Certification and if it gives Alien skill points when fitted. I'll let you fiddle around in game with it and when you get a Bob Schematic all will become possibly clearer as to WHY this has been added.

I hope you enjoy this latest addition.

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