Union Passenger Settings - Settlements

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Union Passenger Settings - Settlements

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Union Passenger Settings - Settlements
In the beginning we only had Human Passengers, the universe was 'quiet' and all was sound. Then we stumbled into the Expanse and things started to get more 'interesting'. Later a Deal was Struck with the Naristro to allow free passage through human territory. Even allowing captains to carry them (in specially designed cabins).

So began a fairly large visitation period of Aliens into Human territory. This lead to Aliens visiting Settlements. All was well in the Universe once more.

Or was it....

An underground movement began to swell that wasn't 'quiet as happy' as some would believe over the insertion of Aliens on to their settlements. The problem wasn't so much that captains don't 'like' Aliens, the problem is once they arrived they were hard to get rid of :)

So began a campaign to have the laws changed and policy enabling Settlement owners to 'Choose' who visits and who doesn't get to visit their settlement.

Today marks the first advent of that campaigns success! From today Settlement owners can visit their settlement Overview > Settings and choose how they want to set their Union policy. By default it's set to 'Allow All' to visit. But you can choose to set it to 'Disallow Aliens' or if your preference is Aliens only you can choose that too!

I've been asked to relay a few reminders:

1: Making a change to your policy will NOT affect those passengers already at your location. You will need to ask a captain with 'Alien' transportation capability to move those aliens currently at your location before replacement (humans) can be gained.

2: Your Settlement Tourism rate is what affects two things in relation to Passengers. The first is the frequency with which the passenger manifest is updated. The second is the amount of passengers your manifest can hold. The current max passengers for any one Settlement is 35 at any one time.

I'm sure we will hear from the Naristo Council and the Alien Foundation over this policy shift, but captains will be captains :)

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