Changes to Jerris Outpost & Guild Store

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Changes to Jerris Outpost & Guild Store

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It's been a long wrangled issue that there is no CS or CSTS transfer system at the Guild Headquarters over on Jerris Outpost in Fieron. We had initial issues with the guilds and trust levels with their players and had to create rank lockouts and eventually a complete Guild store to Ship store only option.

Over the years players have questioned this logic, and to a degree, I've personally agreed but can still remember the irate emails and PM's I got when players stole resources wholesale.

But I have also been reading recent conversations and taking into account CE is not what it was 10 years ago. It's way larger now, has masses more resources and some builds that require mahhhhooosive amounts of resources.

So I have relented.

Today we added a CS and CSTS back to Jerris Outpost. I also wrote a new page for the Guild Resource Store. Owners and Top ranking players of the Guild can now remove resources DIRECT to their Commercial Stores. This will allow the movement and transfer of Guild resources to be far more simple.

Sure the old issue remains, Coops what happens when a player empties our Guild Store! - That my friends is not my issue that's yours and I would suggest as always you only give Officer rank to trusted players. Gone are the days when I would get hip deep in Guild Politics. That's your concern. Should you have worries about a players access to your Guild Store simply demote them a rank below Officer.

Read the ISN News Post OVER HERE

MY next tasks for Guilds is to create an automated system for Officers taking charge of a Guild where the owner is absent or no longer playing.

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