World Cup 2018 - Starts TODAY!!

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World Cup 2018 - Starts TODAY!!

Post by Coops » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:40 am

Are you READY? - I know a lot fo you have been stashing Fuel away for this upcoming Event!

The WORLD CUP for Core-Exiles is Nearly Upon us!

Thursday Morning I will the WC Flags to the Festive system - This will form your primary source for collecting Flags. There are 32 Standard ones and you will need ONE of EACH if you're to claim the 2018 World Cup Prize.

The Flag's will remain in play via loot from today till the Final Whistle on the 15th of July at 16:00 Game Time. During that time I suggest you do your best to collect one of each. I've made them tradeable so you can sell them to each other, trade them and generally do what's needed to grab a full set.

World Cup Representatives
These rather nice young ladies are now available to check your Flag sets, and if in order award you this Years Prize.
Please note you can ONLY hand in one full set. (Per Captain).

You can find these Ladies at the following locations :

Trantor, Fujimori
Mostony, Edana
Yam, Sabian
Zarante, Berolina
Tantas, Yonartthakr
Aurelia, ARK-09
Pevek, Trade Hub 59
Metri, Janus Station
Kirzhach, Starbase-140
Blake, Lucious Port
Gainsboro, Pyragles Base
Elmquae, Habitat-87
Oengo, Otaio
Franklyn, Yeltsim
Sunrise, Zwanziq Station
Ethan, Darius

The Prize This year is :
1,000 Festive Points
1,000 Barter Points
2 x Random CES Extractors
1 x Random Mega Mall.

Also as a special something from me to the community a 2018 World Cup Device. It's a Pod and is modelled off the original Sochi Device! Have fun figuring that one out. You will ONLY be able to get this device through the game, it will not be on sale, and it's not tradeable!

Extra Flags
We will be providing ways to grab extra flags during the World Cup Period. These will range from IRC / Chat shouts, Forum Community Competitions, Facebook Competitions and also Twitter shouts. It's up to YOU to keep an eye open and take part to win.

The WC Reps will remain open checking Flag collections till 16:00 PM on the 15th of July (Game Time). After that, I suggest you trade in your Flags for Festive points. A month after the final Whistle of the World Cup all flags will disappear from the game.

I will also be running a SERVER WIDE Challenge with the flags but you will need to read my follow up post later today for that.

Also, check out the Special 'Extra Flag Collection' that will be running for the World Cup this year OVER HERE


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