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Reported Issues (3rd May)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 4:55 pm
by Coops
A few of you may have been met with either 404 or our patented 'We are working on the Game' down screen today. This may have been whilst trying to access via the main .com portal or via a saved shortcut directly to the game landing/login page.

This was due to an issue when I upgraded an element of Plesk today on the server. It automatically engaged Caching (nginx). This SHOULD be ok, but for some reason, it got its knickers in a twist. I turned it off immediately but it seems some ISP's use caching to the extent that you may not have been able to reach us.

We HAVE been here ALL day lol, no outages, no issues just the caching activated for the briefest of moments. I also added a security patch to the server and bout all its elements (OS) bang update today.

Anyway, rather than me repeating myself ten times an hour I'm posting here :)

IF you cant access the game then clear your cache completely and try again.

A Guide to Clearing Caches on Web browsers for those who are unaware OVER HERE