CE 12+ Years on...

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CE 12+ Years on...

Post by Coops » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:29 pm

I was reviewing some of the game stats this morning. I do this to see how we are doing and for my own personal interest :) I figured some of you might get a kick out of these stats and details.

Fuel Burnt: 1,040,688,650
Total Mined: 533,860,438
Ashar Cargo: 85,049,237
Wesbec Cargo: 292,281,132
Ship Battles: 11,450,875
PM Credits: 75,774,597,194
Total Loots: 781,909,570
Wrecks Salvaged: 525,355
Emporium: 66,575,570,300
Set Ships Salvaged: 463
PM Ships Constructed: 223
PM Hubs Constructed: 80
A.I Killed: 689,785
A.I Remaining: 175,591

When it comes to actual items in game IE things like weapons, expanders, reactors etc we have 15,539
Loot items and Misc items comes in at 2535
NPC Missions (unique) Still holding at 640
Resources both Mined and Collected via loot and extracting etc is 668

Player Settlements is actually climbing and sat at 266 at this point in time. Of those 87 are level Six.

We have 115 Genesis Deployments in Place.

Players have created 97 Corporations and Opend 216 Emporiums.

Finally we appear to have 86 active Player Mining Barges.

Of course there are stats like

Players have hatched 129 SNARG pets so far.
Sent Ship crew on 3,099,146 missions!
Corporation owners have completed 155,364 contracts!

A quick peek at the server finances shows :

Corps have 5.2 Billion in their banks
Settlements have 32.7 Billion squirrelled away :)
285 Billion (and change) is sat in ships accounts
145 Billion stashed away in the bank belonging to players

I could spend ages doing this, but I have lots of other pressing matters, so just some highlights above. If anyone's wants to make a post requesting other trivia about ther game feel free. When i get a few secs I'll see if I can feed your stat habits :)


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