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Genesis Project - New Page

Post by Coops » Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:52 pm

It seems rather bizarre to think that the Genesis Project, planets and whole system surrounding them has been with us since Feb 2012! That's a long time in Game terms. Since those Early Days you have managed to create Four new planets using the Genesis systems!

That's a total of over 248 Billion credits of resources dropped on the Collection Offices - That's at Joe's prices lol, I don't even want to think what players would value that at :)

Anyway enough of my ramblings - the point of this post is two-fold.

First - I've opened TWO MORE projects. You will find two new Genesis Project collection offices in the Sphere. This is mostly due to the slowing down of the 'Exploration Phase' compared to the collection phase. I'm working on balancing that out, but for those wanting to purchase their first plot, it was proving difficult.

Second - I've created a new page/view for you to review the status if the Genesis Project. Which Offices are open and require items to be deposited and also from the 'what the status of the planets created'?


I may tinker with it over the next few days but it should allow those 'interested' a better overview of th Genesis Planets.

I will be adding the link 'in-game' tomorrow when I can decide where to place it :)


Link Now added to the CE Guides Tab. I also added a % view of the Exploration stages when active in the bottom table.

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