Project Discovery Update

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Project Discovery Update

Post by Coops » Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:29 am

For those of you new to Core-Exiles or simply unaware of what 'Project Discovery' is Read THIS PRIMER.

Project discovery had a set back when it was attacked by the Terrorist group calling themselves the 'Dark Side'. They managed to steal a large chunk of the research data. Luckily it was heavily encrypted and with Captains help most of it was recovered.

So far over 16 Million Global Research Points have been created by the project and Fellow Captains.

To take part you can drop off resources to the many Project Discovery offices or fit the 'Discovery Pod' and help process the research teams data. You can get a Discovery Pod simply by visiting Project Discovery Office. These are placed in your Pod store on your first visit.

At this time the scientists think they are on the brink of a major break through. They believe it won't be long now before they can begin to hold tests on their new Drone Designs. Remember, their primary objective at this time is to create a Drone that can not only enter the Nebula, but withstand the gravitational forces within and return safely.

Once this is complete they will move on to stage 2 and begin work on implementing a mapping routine into the Drones neural net allowing it to map the gate network utilised by the Enemy A.I.

Meanwhile security forces are now guarding all the Project Discovery offices for fear of another Terrorist Attack.


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