Olympic Update

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Olympic Update

Post by Coops » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:45 pm

With the Initial Winter Olympics now coming to a close we here at Core-Exiles continue the festivities up to and though the Paralympics which are to follow. That means more Flags and Beacons and also importantly Update Tokens.

I have processed the 31st Player Upgrade today and the general feedback from those receiving them is 'wow' and 'thanks'!!

You can send in as many items as you have full sets of 50 upgrade tokens and most of these items (if their counterpart can be) are upgradeable via the Reseach Academy.

I have also CLOSED the competiton for guessing the outcome of OUR Olympic Beacon hand in and the winners for these guesses will be published once the Paralympics have closed.

There will be more competitions coming shortly so keep an eagle eye on the forum competitions section.


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