Christmas Week Mech War

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Christmas Week Mech War

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As discussed OVER HERE We are planning another week of festive action using the Mech Zone over the Christmas / New Year break.

The overall premise is for players to see if they can beat the Staff in a 'Week of Mech Mayhem'. The competition will carry with it Server Wide bonuses should players breach certain goals. Plus at the end of the week the top scoring 20 Mechs still standing will be awarded special prizes!

Starts When : Starts This coming Wednesday the 24th @ 14:00 Game Time.

Ends When : Ends Thursday the 2nd @ 14:00 Game Time.

Staff will see each other as Team Mates, players own mechs will be treated as normal team mates but player VS player will still be a logical attack for your mechs. This gives the staff who are normally out numbered a fighting chance.

Top 20 Overview: Mechs entered into the Zones fall into two categories. For fun and those trying to get a mech to stay alive for the final top 20 mechs. The former can use normal mech naming conventions. The secondary type must conform to the rules below!

1: All Staff Mechs will carry an ST prefix to their name. IE 'ST The Previnator'

2: Mechs entered into the mech arena that wish to be considered for the end prizes and included in the top 20 Mechs must be prefixed with a 'PL' Moniker. IE PL Basher or PL Thumper.

3: Mechs entered into the Arena are done so at the players discretion. CE and its staff will not be held responsible for any issues be that may result. Double, triple kills, lost tracking, wild fire or any issue that may occur in the Mech Zone, please do NOT bug report these they are known issues see the Mech Section.

4: Mechs may be withdrawn and repaired and still remain eligible for the top ten slots.

5: The top 20 mechs will be ranked on their accumulated 'Mech Points'

6: Mechs will only be considered for the top ten prizes if they carry the PL prefix.

7: Server wide prizes will only be awarded once the targets set out are breached.

8: Any mech entered into the Mech Zones carrying a PL Moniker BEFORE the start time will be automatically disqualified from entry to the Top Ten prizes winners. Please bear this in mind when creating mechs this week prior to the competition starting!

9: As we are opening it up to 20 winners only your highest scoring mech will be counted. IE you can only have one position in the top 20. If you have more than one high scoring mech we will take the one with the highest score.

When the competition starts the current scores for Players VS staff will be set to one side and Zeroed for the start of the competition. When the players breach the scores below a Server wide prize will be awarded.

Players Breach 150 Staff Mechs destroyed = 500 Fuel Ticket Server wide
Players Breach 250 Staff Mechs destroyed = 1,000 Fuel Ticket Server wide
Players Breach 350 Staff Mechs destroyed = 2,000 Fuel Ticket Server wide
Players Breach 500 Staff Mechs destroyed = 2,000 Fuel Ticket Server wide

That's a total of 5,500 fuel to everyone with an account at the time of the award FREE if you breach the 500 Staff mechs destroyed marker!

Top 20 Prizes
When the competition closes we will take a snap shot of the mechs alive at that point. Those that conform to the PL moniker prefix and have Mech Points amassed will then be counted and scored. The highest 20 MP point mechs will then be listed and rewarded shortly after the competition closes.

First Place = £50 CE Store Certificate + 20K Fuel Ticket
Second Place = £40 CE Store Certificate + 10K Fuel Ticket
Third Place = £30 CE Store Certificate + 5K Fuel ticket
Remaining Seventeen runners up = £10 CE Store Certificate + 2K Fuel Ticket

So get into the top 20 and Win!

Special Prize
A special prize will go to a Mech with the Highest Kills still alive when the final whistle blows! (Must carry a PL Prefix)

Mechs MP points and kills are not always related as you can gain a high MP award from simply killing a mech carrying a high MP count of its own. This means keeping your mech alive is then also part of the fun, should you risk it or will you play it safe?

Highest Kill Rated Mech Prize - Chooses from one of the following :

A Trinket (of your choice)
A Hangar License
10K Fuel ticket
2 X C.E.S Extractors or Refineries (Your Choice)

Special Tracking
We will release closer to the time of the competition a URL for you to track the combats and see how the mechs are doing. This will make it easer for you to see where your mech is in the rankings.

Final Notes:
A kind word about the staff. They give up their own free time to help support the game and in turn you the players. I organise these events so players have something fun to do and of course prizes to work towards. I applaud the staff for their efforts behind the scenes as should you. So give them a thought at this time of year as your sat there trying to pummel their mechs :)

We plan to give away millions of units of fuel during this competition! Not to mention 100's of £ worth of CE Store Certificates. We do this so you can have fun - Lets enjoy this competition in the light its provided.

Please don't log bugs relating to the Mech Zone, the code has been in place for several years and we are fully aware of the related glitches that can happen from time to time. There is nothing to gain from complaining about a battle outcome due to an issue in the Zones. Re read Rule #3.

Lastly, see you in there, I'll be dropping in my own mechs during the week so always remember to keep one of your mechs scanners looking over its shoulder :)


PS: The staff are exempt from winning this year so this leaves all the prizes for you the players.
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