Bots & Macros - Please Read

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Bots & Macros - Please Read

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Serious Hat on...
Once again it seems I need to remind the players of Core-Exiles (a distinct few) that the use of Bots and Macros for 'unattended play' IE it's not actually YOU playing but a bot or macro is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. I have Zero Tolerance for them in Core-Exiles.

I'm about as fair a Developer and GM as you will find out there in the web. I tolerate a fair bit before I get by back up, but this one really is a pet peeve of mine. The addition of the Bob handout code seems to have sent a ripple through those of you with Bot and scripting knowledge.

This is fair warning that I will lock and pending investigation remove ANY account we see as using bots and macros for 'unattended' play.

This post will also be sent out In Game from me to everyone. It will also be posted on the front of the game and on the landing page. There is ZERO excuse for saying 'I didn't know Coops'. The use of these items is noted in the Terms and Conditions both on sign up and in the T&C's you agreed when first logging in.

I will not tolerate the use of these things in CE, and neither should YOU. It's unfair to the community as a whole.

Serious Hat off...
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