Dev goes Mad - Wrecks

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Dev goes Mad - Wrecks

Post by Coops » Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:43 am

I began to doubt my sanity the other day. I was helping a returning player in chat to figure out a few of the pitfalls in Wreck Salvage. We were part way through chatting when I threw him a link to the Wreck Page. Then it struck me why had he not found this himself.

I went looking for it.... but I couldn't find it. I quizzed the staff and we all scratched our collective heads.

I was sure that a few months back I had cleaned up the page and added it to one of the CE Tabs. This was a logical place to place it and its a REALLY useful page listing all the current wrecks not yet salvaged.

So after much confusion and pulling what's left of my hair out, I decided to re-add this page to the game. Now not everyone is interested in Wrecks so I have added it as a link (you CAN'T-MISS IT) on the actual wreck salvage screen. That way if making wrecks is your only vice and you don't care what happens to them after you plug the suckers with hot lead - well you don't have to stare at the link.

For those that do - its there!

For all the rest of you morbidly wondering what the HELL I'm yabbering about view it HERE

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