Halloween Pumpkins - Heads Up!

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Halloween Pumpkins - Heads Up!

Post by Coops » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:46 pm

October is here - so let's get started. Today you will begin to see the Halloween Pumpkins appear as 'Play to Win' festive handouts. These come in the usual format of the pop-up message on screen at random times. The more you play in the periods between messages the more you will receive.

Special Halloween Exchange
I'm starting the hand out early. This is so you can begin to COLLECT the Pumpkins as they have a SPECIAL use this year! I have opened the Halloween Exchanges, this store is looking to take as MANY of the Pumpkins off your hands as you have.

They will pay you 1,000 XP per Pumpkin PLUS award you a Halloween Point. These points you can then use to Purchase Special PODS. These are pods ONLY created and available for the Halloween Festivities! You will only be able to gain them through the Exchange office and only trade for them in Halloween Points. So hand in ALL your pumpkins.

Of course in a sign of fairness, the pumpkins still retain their normal festive store value if you don't wish to take part in grabbing some great pumpkin Pods!

I will, of course, be rolling out the Pumpkin Festive NPC's as well but these will appear most likely over the weekend. All this remains in play till the 1st week of November when we move over to Guy Fawkes fun LOL. NPC's will be added to those Settlement owners that have already claimed one for their settlement or do so during October.

Have fun folks!


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