Settlement Sustainability

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Settlement Sustainability

Post by mropso »

At one time it was possible to fill a settlement with sufficient money making elements for settlement costs to be balanced by settlement income without having to depend on the use of the settlement by others.

With more and more settlement equipment being available and more slots provided in settlements the balance has gone. Fully kitted out settlements lose money each day.

Can we have a way of generating more settlement income? Three options spring to mind:
  • New income generating settlement units,
  • Allow 2 of everything rather than 1,
  • Have the next grade of building such as a Luxury Hotel available once the settlement reaches a certain level.
What do you think?

Am I just a loan voice in that wood Coops walks through or is there some merit in the idea?

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Re: Settlement Sustainability

Post by Elkhorn »

I noticed a slight down drop in income as well.
Despite the fact you CAN play this game without interaction with other players, except remotely through the GBM, the game is indeed meant to me a "social" game.
Join a guild and ensure that guild members are regularly using other guild members settlements to generate income.
That being said, there are LOT'S of credits in game. I harvested off my settlement for quite a few years, now I find I am having to put money back into it, and that is okay.
With the additional slots that have become available, fit some more income generating fixtures. If that doesn't totally balance things, it should ease the pressure a little.

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Re: Settlement Sustainability

Post by Darakhoranon »

While you raise good points, Elkhorn, I see a problem with requiring active participation by (a lot of) other players for your activities (e.g. a settlemnent) to be "viable".
Yes, this is supposed to be a social game, but let's be honest, one big draw of CE is that you are not "required" to join a large and active guild. Doing so may be beneficial, but you can (or should be able to) play "alone" without that ruining the game for you.

Maybe a reasonable alternative to allowing more "cash printers" for settlements would be to add another variant of those buidlings we already have.
E.g. you can still only run ONE settlement hotel to generate cash, but you can (assuming you have/use the slots for that) put down additional "exile hotels" (patent pending) to negate the running costs of the settlement.
Balancing those might require some work, but essentially, this would only allow you to break even, i.e. keep your settlement running and NOT generate actual income for you.
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Re: Settlement Sustainability

Post by StarSurfer »

These are great ideas. As a long-term game, it matters to have settlements that continue when the owners are not active. Anything that takes a settlement below sustainability means the sett will be destroyed when it becomes insolvent.

I played for several years with a main account and an alt, then left. The main account is gone, but the alt has 2 settlements. I'm going to reactivate her when I relearn the game.
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