Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Make a suggestion & let the community sound it out. Almost all the best activities in game came initially from a player suggestion!
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by Slurmewerds »

I agree with OtherRick on that. And combat has combat loot maximizers already so maybe there can be a salvage loot maximizer series. Those in use with profession xp boots might at least make it more possible to reach the 20s of a given ship section which imo at this point isn't even worth the time and fuel cost to reach since the resources at those levels are probably not even that rare anymore 🙃
But I disagree with Fitz on nebula drones as that would completely negate the use of harvesters.
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by KEV1NJ »

We need a graffiti function in this game, so when I'm stalking someone I can spray paint KEV1NJ was here on the wall of Alien Tagons Landing (for example)...
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by OtherRick »

I really like KEV1NJ's suggestion for graffiti-ability.

When I was a really new player, and didn't have a guild to play with, a lot of the game felt really lonely to me. I think a graffiti or guestbook feature would be a really nice way to see that you're not the only one frequenting this part of the galaxy!
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by Yokose »

I agree with several of these ideas and would like to add my voice as well! I’ll just copy what others have said that I’d love to see also, but will add a comment at the end to clarify. So I’ll apologize for the long winded post right now.

OtherRick Wrote :
Aug 15, 2021 3:56 pm
I'd like to see some love given to some of the active professions.

In particular, Salvage/Combat, derilect exploration, and planetary exploration. Since the exclusive resources that these activities generate are easier to obtain through ERT's, there is less motivation to dedicate as much time to them. It would be fantastic to see some balance changes made to bring these professions closer to the rest.

Since these are active professions, these should probably get more attention.

I would also love to see some new content on the more passive aspects of gameplay (genesis plots, set-and-forget mining barges/corporation missions/ship crews). Those features are OK as they are, but more options and more decisions to make would bring new life to them.

My Comment :
Yes, I like this idea and agree with it! I have only played for about a year and a half, so I have not as much experience with this like others may have… but again, I do like this idea and agree with it.

Hand Solo Wrote :
Aug 16, 2021 2:30 am
1. Remote control pod or captain upgrade for corporations - don't have to keep going back to HQ to send crew on missions.
2. Higher cargo capacity contracts for corporation mid level office (Rigal Haulage) 400 to 550.
3. Narrowing the combat loot list by location to make it easier to target specific resources e.g. A.I combat loot, certain locations only have certain A.I loot OR
4. A.I resources forge patterns e.g. Primarr, Wisbarr, Farsite, Tellsamat, Zemar etc and AI - UN A01-A05

My Comment :
So I agree and like these ideas as well. I love number 1 and 2! Not sure if I like number 3, but number 4 also sounds reasonable. For the most part, yes, again, I like these ideas!

MarcSP Wrote :
Aug 17, 2021 7:43 pm
On the easier side:
Expansions to the genesis/corporation/mining barge/snarg pets/ ship crew/ settlements.
Even just raising overall limits would give a lot of players something to do - three or four setts, two/three snargs,
multiple mining barges, more corp buildings or player-sett locations, ship crew upgrades(skills/experience/personal loadout equipment),
genesis (multiple auroras, something for wildlife production).
Several of these look like expansions are already pre-planned, well its time to roll them out.

On the crabbier side:
While I like the starbases expansion, I am disappointed how these are focused at a handful of top players/guild owners.
Everyone else is pretty much stuck just donating for someone elses fun. Or not participating.
How about smaller bases? Mining outposts placed in the asteroid belts. Combat outposts in nebulas or occupied planets.
Maybe new galactic map features (dust clouds, comets, space anomalies) where specialized outposts could be built.
These outposts would be comparable to settlements. Yes this is a large scale expansion, but its a possible future road for
those who can't/won't do starbases.

I am anticipating the battlebus/battleship/back-to-the-core expansion, but I fear this will turn out to be another megaproject that
leaves the majority of players out of the action. So how about smaller enhancements for mid to upper players? Battleships and capitol
ships usually have escort ships, these could be aimed to mid-upper players so they could accompany the capitols into the nebulas.
Recon ships to sneak into the core. Supply ships to resupply/reinforce fleets in the core. Raiders/privateers to hit the AI in their homes.
Since this expansion is still in the planning phase, why not add in such capabilities?

My Comment :
This post is by far the one I love the most! I completely agree with MarcSP’s thoughts and ideas! I’d love to deploy a third Settlement or a second Mining Barge and have more then one Pet to keep an eye on. I also love the idea of deploying smaller Outposts in Asteroid and Nebula fields… as well as new galactic map features like Dust Clouds, Comets, and other Spacial Anomalies where one could deploy Outposts/Drones/Harvesters. I also love the idea of escort ships… I’d love to have a supply ship to help out.

Elkhorn Wrote :
Aug 19, 2021 10:06 am
A Starbase overview section on the Asset tab, similar to the settlement overview already provided so we can keep an eye on them.
Rule of Acquisition #1 Once you have their money...never give it back!

My Comment :
Sounds reasonable, I like this idea! Kept your signature by the way… brilliant!!!

Fitzbacon Wrote :
Aug 19, 2021 1:17 pm
How about Nebula Drones as a supplement to Nebula Harvesters.
This would dovetail very nicely into a previous suggestion of Outposts,

A nebula outpost with basic services (Commercial Storeage and possibly CSTS) then the ability to operate Nebula Drones which would harvest all the resources of the Nebula (based upon ones Survey skills)



My Comment :
I love this idea as well… it echoes what MarcSP said about Outposts. I do agree though with another poster here who said that having Nebula Drones might be redundant as there are already Nebula Harvesters. My suggestion is to Utilize the Nebula Outpost like a Corporation where you can send your Nebula Harvesters there to be deployed and managed in a more automated way. The Harvester could gather more then one resource at a time, similar to the Advanced Mining Drone. When the Harvesters hoppers become full, they can drop off the resources at the Nebula Outpost and automatically refuel and redeploy if needed as well.

I am again sorry for the long post. I just wanted to add my voice as mentioned above. Have fun playing everyone!

Captain, Yokose
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by Coops »

Still reading (even if it did take a whole cuppa) :)
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by fjiekie »

a bigger hauling company (cargo of 200-500 or so)
corporations get 3 hauling companies, why dont we get 3?

ofcourse there are many suggestions which are way better, so put this one low on the board...
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by KEV1NJ »

I just remembered I can have crew members on this ship! It wish they actually did things for ship performance. Like a weapon officer or gunner improves combat damage, quartermaster adds cargo space, engineer increases mining and/or barge performance, science officer enhances exploration in some way, purser buffs passenger income. The possibilities are endless!!!
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by MarcSp »

Just a few random observations, hopefully these will be easy:

Reward Collection Office - how about adding some new reward devices, also the collection process still
draws from your hold, can this pull from secure storage like everything else?

More certifications - I've completed ALL the normal certifications. How about some new ones, perhaps tied to some devices
or something to give them some real use? Also perhaps a way to parallel two or more at a time? Im working on alien
certs but those take huge amounts of time.

GLM research options - I'm about 1 week from finishing the last option (level 10). How about more levels, or options, and
having better rewards/upgrades from that?
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by KEV1NJ »

Sven needs a quantity window when you are bartering with him for things. So for example I need 40 recall tissues, I don't have to waste 35 minutes of my playtime buying them one by one and then collecting them one by one. One transaction for 40 of the item or for 100 lots of 250 of a resource or whatever it is. Give us a little of our time back to actually play rather than just mindless repetitions.
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Re: Raise an Arm + Add a Vote / Voice (Post Here)

Post by DanaLee »

I agree with KEV1NJ on the Sven barter quantities. This man is a genius and you should listen to all of his suggestions. Buying them one set at a time is a read drag. (does anyone say that any more? Oh well, I'm old).

I also agree on another hauling company for larger contracts. With Ashar and Wesbec coinciding at about 80 cargo the high level company should start about the high limit for Wesbec of 250-300 units and go up from there.
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