Remove Unwanted schematics

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Re: Remove Unwanted schematics

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Getting something for them I would really like that.

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Re: Remove Unwanted schematics

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OK, today I have added a Sell button for those pesky unwanted Bob Schematics :)

You need to be in 'Your Schematic's view from the 'View Assets Tab'. From here those sections that have Bob Schematics in them will have a new Sales amount figure and also a Sell button.

When bob creates his toys he uses a normal item in the DB to build the new Bob artifact off. So they already have a sell value. This is used as the basis for the Schematic tab value. So its fair across the board from level 5 to 210. (yes items in the DB go up to 210 now :)

When sold a note is added to your Captain Log.

NOTE: The sell option is ONLY available for Bob items. I'm not about to start letting players buy a Schematic for say a Settlement Building, create it then sell the schematic :)

Hope this keeps the peace over the growing pile of Schematics...

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