High end cargo mission logic update

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High end cargo mission logic update

Post by Sukayo » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:29 pm

I am just trying to load my 38xx load with cargo, so have a load of ideas how to make it easier.....

What about this:
Show cargo to systems for which i have already loaded with a marker/different colour ... so that i do not click on refresh before picking it up. It is possible also possible to handle this in a way that our not so seeing players can use it.

With Adept rang, there can be a increase, and the pilot must have at least 5 ranks with the related faction to start to use this service.
The increase could be to define a range - like any destination from Blake - Korey, where adept adds 1 jump, next rank 2, last 3 or so jumps for the range to define.

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