Festive shop / CE store implants

Make a suggestion & let the community sound it out. Almost all the best activities in game came initially from a player suggestion!
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Festive shop / CE store implants

Post by Albatross » Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:34 am

With the implant shells, a lot of the festive shop implants are worth less than what we can craft.

How about a new line?
It adds to 3 skills, and the skill increases are significantly higher than a bio shell implant could give.
Possibly this has levels based on player level, like the older festive store implants.

And... I want to add that I LOVE the implant shells, thank you for creating these.

For naming, you've used up the Greek / Roman gods. How about Aztec / Mayan / Hawaiian / ...? Pele is the volcano goddess, she should certainly be represented. And of course Popocotapetl and Maui.

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