Salvaging AI ships

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Salvaging AI ships

Post by Akkamaddi » Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:39 pm

I know it's been brought up before, but just to mention it again...

I think it would be good to make a separate ship salvage table for AI ships. While it's amusing they are always full of rice (to keep the electronics dry, I get it), that they are also packed with liquor and children's toys is a bit strange. (Actually, the children's toys could lead to a very dark story line.)

I think it would make sense to replace the different grains (except rice, put that everywhere), liquors, and Private Goods with metals, minerals, and radioactives. They tables could also have rare entries for the combat loot or AI minerals, and more dark matter resources could appear. Some of the Expanse radioactives available at Yam could be rare finds as well. Crated Electronics, Electronic Components, and High Tech Components would also be obvious additions, and QMG goods could be slightly more common.

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Re: Salvaging AI ships

Post by Coops » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:26 am

Probably time to upgrade the AI line which does actually have its own list but as with all the others it also shares a 'general loot' list. Thus getting standard loots and the AI loots.

Storywise I'd say that the cargo they are carrying was looted from captains who attacked them and lost - the aI doesn't differentiate between rice and High tech it's just programmed to kill and loot :)

But - I get the point made here and will add it to my list - Man that list never sees to get any shorter. Now, do I put this one in front of behind the last ten suggestions you made LMAO :)


P.S on a serious note don't stop suggesting, as you're aware that's how things change around here and new stuff gets added.
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