expanse frieght delivery

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expanse frieght delivery

Post by Gorkus » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:01 pm

I've been querying about this in chat a bit, so here goes...

I'd like to see destinations in the expanse appear on some kind of freight manifests. I'm not talking about the three 'close' systems like Yam, Urnagh and Rismoro. I'm talking about the deeper systems. Maybe not Ashar or Wesbec, but Valoren Freight at a minimum should have cargo that is destined for planets deeper within the expanse. After all, aliens would know, and want to ship to, their own home worlds more than the human galaxies, wouldn't they?

I realize there is an issue that different captains have access to more or less of the expanse, and taking on cargo that a captain can't deliver would be possible. But that scenario already exists. It is quite possible from an early stage to take on cargo destined for Yam while a captain can't yet go to the expanse. Also, by the time a captain is of high enough level to access deep systems in the expanse, he or she ought to be quite aware of the access limitations.

Perhaps there is a reason that I am unaware of why this hasn't been done already, but as I explore deeper and deeper into the expanse, I find the travel to the first unexplored system to be more and more a fruitless waste of fuel. Why not allow cargo delivery as an incentive to hang out in the expanse? Currently, I load up on cargo when I leave the expanse, but I don't head into the expanse as often as I'd like simply because I know I'll be burning fuel with little reward (past Urnagh) to get to the end.

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