Captain Upgrade ideas dump

Make a suggestion & let the community sound it out. Almost all the best activities in game came initially from a player suggestion!
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Captain Upgrade ideas dump

Post by Akkamaddi » Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:57 pm


So, long weekend, strong pot of coffee, word processor… great time to post more bad ideas! Please be polite, I'm over caffeinated. :lol:

These are just a few ideas for Captain Upgrades, in the £10-20 price range, for the CES Store. These are all intended as one-time captain upgrade purchases, and of course heavy editing (at best) is expected.

Weird Science

Someone slipped a few lines from the Necronomicon into your instruction manual, and now you have an odd talent for breaking the universe in unnatural and unholy ways. When using any Sub Mol unit, produce +50% more Az-Pat resources.

Recycling Initiative

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! You have a “Going Green” bumper sticker on your ship. When using any Recycling Processing unit, produce +50% more resources.

On days ending with a zero (10th, 20th, and 30th of the month), there is a 75% chance that a random captain or dock master will send you a random Salvage category item with a nice note, saying they don’t want the item to go to waste.

Hippie Trinket

Yes… I’m sure dancing in drumming circles skyclad was part of your education. You still have a crystal hanging from your rear view mirror. When turning in crystals at the Crystal Exchange Program, you get double the points.

When you recycle a crystal infused item at the Research Institute, the amount of points recovered is increased by +50%.

On days ending with a zero (10th, 20th, and 30th of the month), there is a 50% chance one of your old friends will send you a nice note and a random crystal for good vibes.

Shop Keeper’s Reserve

When you complete an NPC’s mission chain, add two items entries to the list of items for sale. Also, all NPC item prices drop 10%.

Foundry Foundations

You’re known as the local wiz kid at the Exile Foundry. When you use the Foundry System Interface to create materials from the Nano Metals, you produce +50% materials every time you activate the Foundry.

Further, Pattern Research only costs you 15 foundry points to activate instead of 20.

Lastly, on the first of the month 5 Foundry Points are added to your account to encourage your research.

It Fell Off a Truck! Honest!

Jimmy Fingers is your friend. Don’t ask how. When you take crates to him, he doesn’t skim as much off the loot as he normally does. What? You didn’t know why he only opens the crates in the back room? Just hush. Don’t be rude. All crates contain 10% more loot.

Further, he will let you borrow a small droid that he can control remotely through a personal VPN channel. If you are docked at a planet with a Commercial Store, you can contact him and open crates anywhere with a decent galactic net connection. (Local data fees may apply, check with the port master where you are docked.) It costs extra, and he charges x2.5 times the normal opening fee, but he can get your crate open and the contents go to the local Commercial Store. Did you mistakenly think that you saw something else go missing near the droid? Just hush. Don’t be rude.

Lastly, he will sometimes find something for you for being a good customer. How does he find them? Haven’t we been over this? Stop interrupting. Now, every fifth crate you open, there is a 25% chance a random crate shows up at your ship within the hour. Just think of it as a thank you, and a way to generate more business.

The Ribblez Whisperer

The fuzzy things absolutely love you.

The number of Ribblez that can hide on your ship before the extermination crews come is increased by +2.

If the extermination crew shows up, there is a 25% chance a Ribblez hides and appears after they leave.

If your ship is empty of your fuzzy friends, on days ending with a zero (10th, 20th, and 30th of the month), there is a 25% chance one of these critters appears. (This only happens when their population on your ship is zero.)

They Can’t Stay Mad…

You have an honest face that people find very forgivable. Your knack for altering and forging records may help. Your mistakes just don’t seem as bad.

If you fail or cancel an NPC mission that is penalized, the cost in XP and faction standing is reduced by -50%. Credit costs are reduced by -10%.

If you cancel a hauling or union mission, the XP and faction standing penalty is reduced -50%.

For combat, any penalties incurred for escape or a hull breech are reduced by -10%.

(This last one is probably a programming mess and a non-starter, but I think was at least a fun idea.)

Letters from Grandma

Grandma is still in the core, and ancient. She still dotes over you. The first of every month, she sends you a nice letter, along with a tin of cookies, 100 credits, a 50 fuel voucher, and instructions not to spend it all in one place.

Grandmas, every last one in the universe, are nosy, and they all know each other. The (randomly generated) letter will follow a template and come with a specific perk. (“End of the month” is per game clock.) Only one letter from Grandma arrives each month, on the first. The exception is when the Captain Upgrade “Letters from Grandma” is first placed, a letter arrives the next morning.

- I got these on sale, with a coupon, and a BOGO, and I found a discount code in a forum…
[30% chance] Grandma sends you 100-250 units of some random resource. She has mad couponing skilz, and probably paid only a few credits for them. She also sometimes does the “I can’t believe you would exploit an old lady, in the age of President Coops and with Saint Lupicia of New Oaxaca watching!” bit for free stuff, but let’s not discus that. If she realizes she doesn’t need what she got, she’s still happy about it, and sends it to her favorite grandchild, you. The items can be absolutely any resource item. They appear at your highest level settlement if you have one, or on the next planet you visit with a CSTS. The items have a receipt in the box, which is a bit embarrassing, but it has a code your ship’s AI has already processed for 100 Barter Points.

- I found this in the attic. I think it was your Uncle Wilbur’s. It nearly fell on one of the snargs…
[30% chance] Grandma found something in the attic, and decided to send it to her favorite grandchild. This is a random loot pull, and the items are added to your ship’s hold. You’re not sure why Grandma has a Responsive Biofluid or Booster Rocket System in the attic, and it’s downright scary when you find out she has a Kill-o-tron Plasma Launcher up there, but we all learn not to question such things. There were some old notes with the item, including a Fuel Voucher code! Your ship has already processed it for 250 fuel at the depot.

- So, when are you going to get a real job? I know who I can talk to! I know the Grandma of…
[10% chance] Your Grandma talks to the Grandmas of some of the bigwigs of a random Faction, including possibly alien factions. For the remainder of the month, your effective faction standing is increased by +25% for how it affects access to NPC’s or access to shops related to that faction. If your faction standing is negative, it becomes effectively 500 for the remainder of the month.

- Are you eating enough? Do you have everything you need out there? I know, let me talk to the Grandma of…
[10% chance] Your grandma worries you don’t have basic supplies. She sends you an extra tin of cookies, and talks to the Grandmas of the owners of a particular shop. For the remainder of the month, everything at that shop (Arch-Light Projects, Deep Core Mining, Waldos Schematics, etc.) will cost -20% to you. This only applies to one store, but all store fronts for the corporation.

- Happy Holidays! It’s the feast day of Saint Asimov the Younger of Europa! Be on your best behavior, and he will leave something in your ship!
[10% chance] Grandma has her own saints she follows. Still, on their feast days, she has a Bonus Prize Award sent to you via the Festive Admin. Yes, she knows Sally Langstrom’s grandma, but don’t ask or she will try to set you up on a date! Oh, it looks like something has already been said… Grandma has also sent 10 Festive Tokens and a receipt for 100 Festive Points.

- When am I getting great grandkids!?!?
[5% chance] Oh, great. One of those messages… Grandma has sent out a message blast trying to set you up on a date. Yeah, it’s really embarrassing. For the remainder of the month, all NPC’s are friendlier to you. All NPC’s act as if you have a minimum faction standing of 2500 points. Any for whom you have finished their mission chain will give you a 5% cost discount on their shop items. This lasts until the end of the month. This does not affect shop access.

- So, I’ve been playing this game called Cookie Clicker. It says the grandmatriarchs will rise and conquer the world. I don’t remember much of last weekend.
[5% chance] So, sometimes Grandma’s messages get a bit weird. You’re not really sure what this is about. However, she sent you quite a bit of loot. She may have been trying to hide evidence. Who knows. You get six random Salvage category items, two random Space Debris category items, and two random Misc items of any category. At your highest level settlement or the next settlement you visit with a CSTS will be 5-15 units of Wine, which Grandma has sent with a promise to not touch anymore. Sometimes Grandma “finds” things, so let’s just keep this to our self.

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Re: Captain Upgrade ideas dump

Post by Coops » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:23 am

I have to say I'm personally impressed - Some great ideas there. You certainly have a knack for this Akkamaddi - Thanks. I hope your fellow captains enjoy this list as much as I did.

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Re: Captain Upgrade ideas dump

Post by Dragon » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:06 pm

Great ideas!

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