Wandering NPC

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Wandering NPC

Post by pikolinianita »

Spin-off "Cover Ops" suggestion.

Simply, NPC who is moving from place to place, with chance for being on Player Settlements.
Why? I don't know (S)He is hiding, or . Should have infinite number of random missions, like courier (for longer fun :) ), but could selling rare goods, or random Combat missions (Against AI, for example). From time to time (once per day to once per week, I think), at known time (eg every monday and thursday, 12:00 game time) (s)he moves to random location.

Variant - Settlement lottery - Player can enter Settlement name (ot buy lottery ticket), only locations with tickets have chance for NPC. If NPC land on given settlement ticket is lost (rebuy available, maybe with cooldown ).


PS. (some) Courier droids can move :)

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Random NPCRe: Wandering NPC

Post by Sparky »

Nice one P
I think this is a cool idea.
If the NPC landed on my set he could sell plasters and stitching kits to the pirates after I kick their arse.

P has something here.
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Re: Wandering NPC

Post by von Wolfenbitten »

I think this is a cool idea!
An NPC 'on the lam' ? Could be looking for criminal accomplices for outlaw missions?
a Galactic Intelligence Agency operative gathering intel or w/e...
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