Syphon items from ship store

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Syphon items from ship store

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Coops, I can remember way back when the syphon system came into being to remove excess items from our ship/s. I thought then and still think it was a great idea. Just wondering if the reward collection program can be linked into the store where they are all resting now instead of asking me to now move them all back onto my ship/s to sell off?
If its not possible to link to the store can we have a button to click so the game can move them all back? 100s - 1000s of items to move and sell
I can move them all one by one but as is known my net is super slow and this would take me forever to do one by one

thanks for reading this idea

fly safe all

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Re: Syphon items from ship store

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Hi there @Mechw,

I will add this one to the list to be converted to feed from the SS. I suspect it's not been raised yet or if it was, I missed it in the recent 'car crash' that's been my life lol.

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