Crew Missions Update

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Crew Missions Update

Post by Darakhoranon »

While sending your crew on missions is fine as one of those things you do "along the way", I think it could use some updates.

For instance, there are no manufacturing missions (to name one example), and training your crew beyong lvl 5 doesn't really get you anything as far as I can see.

So maybe some kind of "special missions" could unlock at e.g. crew lvl 10, where you could send your crew out to do something more specific:

- a "special combat mission" could be for one of the "combat factions" and increase your standing by a small amount
- a "special salvage mission" could target a specified section of the wreck, i.e. you'd be able to target certain resources (to some degree)
- a "special manufacturing mission" could tell your crew to craft certain items that could be turned in at special NPCs to advance one of the major projects (Genesis, AI, etc.)

Of course, these "special missions" should also have a (noticeably) higher fuel cost (3x as much as a normal mission?) and maybe have only a certain chance of success. And depending on the mission, it would also make sense to incur additional costs (e.g. resources for manufacturing missions).

Rather complicated, yes, but ship crew is one of those areas that don't really "go anywhere" - there just isn't really anything to do with it once you've gotten to a certain point.
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Re: Crew Missions Update

Post by MarcSp »

I agree, the whole Ship Crew area is long overdue for an update or expansion. Its gotten boring.
And genesis plots are long overdue for their expansion (livestock? planet danger levels? second plots perhaps?)
Mining barges also, the massive XP amounts needed to level up past level 14/15/16 means nobody will get a barge
past the mid level 20s in this decade . I doubt anyone will get a barge to level 50 and unlock those industrial sections.
All those old areas have expansions obviously built in already, but just never get activated.
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Re: Crew Missions Update

Post by Coops »

LOL - Hi there Guys, I can see 2021 has already been mapped out for me by you guys :)

This will need review and some planning and CE population head scratching, but sure these elements as suggested can be upgraded / added.
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