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Re: Have Your Say...

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Hand Solo wrote: Mon May 22, 2023 8:39 pm Great idea.
How about having the 2 new slots as 'miscellaneous' in that you can put whatever you like into them.
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Re: Have Your Say...

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Overall, I like the idea of the two new slots being miscellaneous/wildcard. That would allow captains the most flexibility to tailor their ship loadout to whatever they happen to be doing at the moment.
However, I have no idea what kind of coding nightmare that might create, so the second option would be to make the two new slots energy and expander. That would give lower level captains the opportunity to complete more missions and carry more cargo which would help them earn more credits faster and give us higher level captains the option of hauling cargo and passengers or more cargo.
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Re: Have Your Say...

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As a player, I would say it would be nice to have them wildcard, however, as a staff member I would say that we would seriously need to look at the balance of the game by doing that (This could potentially mean a player can equip 3 cargo expanders).

By far the easiest would be to go for a system and reactor slot, however, I do believe with the right controls in place, cargo could also be a possibility for one of the slots, ie. One cargo slot can be used for a cargo expander, while the other is for passengers. Again if both would be allowed to be used for pure cargo, it would create a massive imbalance in the game and hauling would become the only option again to make credits. While 2 cargo slots sound ideal for newer players, once a player gets to a certain level, allowing the ability to add 2 cargo expanders would mean they could easily add another 1500-2000 cargo to their ship.
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