Help and some advice please.

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Help and some advice please.

Post by Indy880 » Wed May 09, 2018 1:47 am

I just started back in the game after managing to find it again. I managed to get to lvl 19 so far but am kinda stalling can some one please tell me were I can buy armour and hull buffs plus keep increasing my ip amount. I am kinda stuck mining at the moment because I can't produce shield EBK's because of the way I have set my ship up need to gain a few more lvls so I can fix problem or find some where I can find to buy them from because even though I like mining it does get kinda samish after awhile. Any advice of info would be a great help thank.


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Re: Help and some advice please.

Post by pikolinianita » Wed May 09, 2018 12:50 pm

welcome back, Captain :)

I see you've found emporium with EBKs :)

For hull/armour buffs - with only two special slots in marauder- it is hard. you may buy them from emporium, or put ad on buy/sell player ads (in "game info" tab, below emporiums). keep in mind that increase your ship stats (armour, shield, gun) decrease your reward from kills. investing in best gun, perhaaps even upgrading it in research academy, is better than that little scrap of armour. ...Unless you have some NPC mission with great reward :)

IP - level up, level up, and do NPC missions. some gives decent amount of IP. When you finish NPC mission line you have access to his/her store - some locked crates (17, 09, (08 or 10?)) gives small amount of IP, ca 150 each.

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