Halloween Hand-In

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Halloween Hand-In

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I didn't realize they had an actual amount they were collecting, so I was waiting to hand them in. It seems like they are currently full! Will they resume collecting, or is that it for this year?

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Re: Halloween Hand-In

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usually it is end, but Everything depends on Coops :)

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Re: Halloween Hand-In

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Last year they had a hand in, and they had festive NPC's that would collect the pumpkins in certain sets for fuel, and sometimes other things. So instead of trading them in at the festive center, you might want to wait to see if the festive NPCs show up again. at worst, you can still trade them in the festive center for festive points, or sell them to other players who are looking for the festive points.
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Re: Halloween Hand-In

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The festive Halloween Exchange was already extended once, but it seems this years its proved VERY popular. I'll extended it ONE more time (already done as you read) So this will give everyone (new and old players) to take part.

I will also be adding a Slew of Halloween NPC's tomorrow. These guys will all be placed on Player Settlements. These guys will be offering lots of different rewards and will remain in place till the end of the 1st week in November.

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