Time for another Challenge ?

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Re: Time for another Challenge ?

Post by SpaceBucks »

alumoi wrote:(polishing weapons, tweaking AI) Bring it on!
I am polishing, too!... Oh wait, I do not think you are talking about Valentine's Day... Never mind. :lol: :twisted: :lol:

Good luck storming the castle... it'll take a miracle. :D
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Re: Time for another Challenge ?

Post by CatriaReeds »

For the raid party, I'm asking which raids are next after Ferra, the VP raid or the Furnace raids? I want to make sure I load up with the right loads before I depart, Wesbec or pax. And also for fuel management...
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Re: Time for another Challenge ?

Post by aRJay »

I suspect VP next then Furnace, just surveyed the RAIDs and found the max damage gun size for my ship, your figures will vary but should give an idea. AT least this lot don't require mining lasers to attack.

FERRA 450dmg
VOREN 710dmg
DASHAN 350dmg
EDDEO 398dmg
KRULL 650dmg
BLAKE 650dmg
DRID 450dmg
COLE 710dmg

Damage figures created with 6 Messiah 1s & 1 Messiah 2, Hammer 5 reactor (+13%) & a 23% boost from targeting.
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Re: Time for another Challenge ?

Post by Yogan »

Raid party was a success, 10 Raids put down. Plan is to do it again next Sunday at the same time 9pm GT.
Starting point and order of battle to be determined once previous raids have been salvaged and we know where the new ones are.
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