A very Merry Christmas

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A very Merry Christmas

Post by Coops »

Well Santa has begun visiting some of you already so I'd like to take a moment to wish every single one of you and your families a Very Merry Christmas. Thank you for your support this year, and if your new here, wait for 2015 it's going to be a great CE year. So here's to a Merry Christmas!

So you can better enjoy this time of year, I've just authorised a Whopping 5K Fuel Ticket in to each and everyone's Account! So no matter where you are or when the 25th falls you will have some fuel to enjoy your favourite Space Browser Game.

Have a great day!


P.S posted it here as well so you can join me in wishing every one a Merry Christmas!
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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by aRJay »

Merry Christmas!
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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by pikolinianita »

Merry christmas :)

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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by Pablem »

Merry Christmas
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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by capster »

merry Christmas :D

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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by Darakhoranon »

Merry Christmas.

Fortunately, my ship's A.I. is busy decorating, so Santa's reindeers should be safe from random missile attacks for the time being. Should be... :lol:
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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by Delandra »

Merry Christmas all..Drink responsibly and have a great day!

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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by Mantic »

A Very Merry Christmas to all-

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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by LocutusBorg »

Merry Christmas to all of you!!! :)
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Re: A very Merry Christmas

Post by Sukayo »

Merry Christmas!

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