Starbase Crafting (Primer)

This sections holds information on reaching Settlement Level Six and Beyond with your Settlement. 'General discussion' on settlements should be held elsewhere.
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Starbase Crafting (Primer)

Post by Coops » Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:03 pm

This is NOT an in-depth guide but a primer for those interested in going down the Starbase Hub crafting route and wish to know a little more before making the jump. There is a picture attached that shows a Hub in the construction and planning phase of the build and will be referenced to in this text.

First Things First
Crafting a Starbase is not something I would consider unless you have been collecting resources all year and have a great big stash of cash sat to one side for investment. Yes you will make your money back for sure but you will need to work closely with your 'customers' as crafting a Starbase has as many options as does a Star Ship.

Starbase Crafting CAN be done by anyone with a level six Spec'd settlement who has resources, time and money. The placing of the star base is another story, but for now lets concentrate on the crafting.

The SBMC - Hub Craft View
If you have read the primer on Starship crafting you will be familiar with the layout. The demo image i have provided for this primer shows the layout with one of each component fitted. This also includes an Armour Compound.

You will need to ensure EACH slot is occupied by a component for the Activation sequence to allow the start of a shake and bake session. These are broken up in to Chassis, Frame, Eco system, Recycling, Housing, Engineering and Science sections.

Each of these sections must be occupied and the component you place in them will have an effect on the end stats shown in the bar at the top.

Ten Hubs to a Starbase
It is important to understand that a Starbase requires TEN hubs to start the building phase of a starbase. So what we are looking at here in the demo picture is the layout for one Hub. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Hubs will each carry a set of specific stats (as shown when they are being laid out in the SBMC view). These stats are very important as they will affect the final start-base when its fully constructed.

Now from a customers point of view this means they must prioritise their costs against their requirements. IE do they want the best Starbase that can be built which will give them a great starting point. Or would they rather get one cheap as possible and worry about upgrading its internal infrastructure later once its built. Either way they require 10 Hubs. They do not have to match so they can be from any one and any type as long as they have ten.

Time scales & Costs
Similar to the SMC system we have included a bottom tally bar. This works on Joes base prices and gives you a rough pricing for the item in your SBMC layout. This is carried over during the cook cycle and the information is passed to your sales office when complete.

You will note that building hubs is NOT a quick process, far from it. You are building something that will be part of shaping the landscape in days to come, that type of crafting has its setbacks.

It's Cooked!
When you have completed the Cook process and the SBMC has moved the Hub out and into your Starbase Sales Store it will go into the 'Back Store Room'. It will remain there until you decide to move it to the front of house and place it on display.

To move it to the front of house you need to assign it a Cost. Don't worry we also carry over the build cost for you and display this in the Store room along with all the hub stats. This aids you in knowing what's what and how much it cost you to craft. Once you have assigned it a cost you can then either move it to the front of house or contract the Hub to a specific player - Then move to front of house.

As a Customer you will see two sections to the Starbase Sales office, one where normal Hubs on offer to everyone are displayed and a section with reserved contracted Hubs are available (if they exist).

As a Customer you will be able to take a closer look at the Hub and review its stats before making a decision to purchase it. When purchased the Hub is moved to a 'Third Party' company for long term storage.

You can review the hubs you have purchased from a Button on your Captains Bio Screen. This displays the hubs where and from whom you purchased them and how much you paid for them. These will reside stored safely for you until you have purchased a Starbase License and arrived at the location ready to begin the Build Process. At that time the storage company will arrange to have the Hubs transferred to your location.

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